We strive for added value without added cost.

To this end, we go beyond the typical benefits and retirement approach,
integrating value-added components to deliver a comprehensive and high-touch
service — something we believe is possible only in a boutique environment.


Retirement matters – to your employees
and to your organization.

Our clients have interrelated and often conflicting goals – like employee recruitment
and retention, health and wellness, risk management and cost containment.
By introducing a retirement component to our benefits planning process, we can
create additional value for plan members while supporting corporate objectives.


A key component of our full-service, consultative approach to benefits planning is an
all-inclusive service that integrates your organization’s group benefits, individual planning
and retirement strategy. This retirement focus extends beyond group planning into
individual retirement counsel for employees and executives, with no added cost.


Proactively control both known
and unknown risks.

Our proactive risk management approach is the common thread through all aspects of
our service – plan design, education and training, compliance and plan administration.

We work to uncover unknown liabilities and mitigate the overall
risk of rising costs, taxes and litigation. This includes Integrated
Employee Wellness Initiatives, tax-efficient plan design, and
proactive research, analysis and reporting to stay up to date on the
latest trends, regulatory changes and health care solutions.


The Value of Education

Over the years we’ve seen how integral education is to the management of retirement
and benefits plans. Without adding significant cost, it can create significant value in
terms of managing risk, increasing plan awareness and preventing litigation.

Both initially and as an ongoing measure, we personally execute
programs for plan member education and human resources training.

This can include:

  • Regular in-office seminars to ensure your employees fully understand the details of the plan

  • Ongoing support from our responsive in-house team, to help plan members get timely information

  • In-depth training programs for Human Resources and plan administrators at plan start-up, with annual refresher sessions

  • Leveraging our Canada-wide Benefits Alliance network to explore and share educational resources


Seamless Communication with a Tight-Knit Team

Communication is essential and, in a boutique environment,
it’s also efficient, personal and tailored.

In addition to 100% mediation between carriers and plan members, as a boutique
firm we have structured our team and our processes to prioritize day-to-day
relationships with our clients. This includes insightful and timely reporting, as
well as communication documents that are customized to the needs of your
organization and the preferences of your plan administrators.

Our communication documents and features include:

  • Proactive Plan Option Reports to solve issues before they arise and to take advantage of current trends
  • Competitive Analysis report to identify cost-effective alternatives
  • Benefits-at-a-Glance, Benchmark and Top Claims Paid Reports to provide essential information efficiently
  • Custom Enrolment Guide specific to your company, which helps mitigate liability while enrolling plan members
  • Annual Stewardship Review to explore the various aspects of your benefits strategy and identify opportunities to meet new goals

  • Ad hoc custom reporting to help you make informed, timely decisions


A Tech-Enabled Plan Management Approach

Since our inception, we’ve grown and adapted to the evolving needs of our clients.
This has led us to integrate various technology tools into our process.

Our tech-enabled features have helped us create efficiencies
in both the time and the cost of benefits planning.

These features include:

  • Software tools to help simplify administration, carrier coordination, payroll and other tasks
  • Online account access for all plan administrators and members
  • Digital reporting customized to your organization
  • Cloud-based technology that enables you to manage multiple plans and multiple carriers on one platform

How effective is your group benefits strategy?

Tell us about your organization, and we’ll show you
how to elevate your group planning strategy.

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