Step 1: Fact Gathering

We begin by taking a look at your personal wealth by evaluating its various aspects and discerning the goals that you hope it will enable you to accomplish. From there, we develop a picture of your overall needs.

In this stage, we gain an understanding of your:

  • Portfolio and investment strategies
  • Insurance coverage
  • Plans for your estate and funding for large purchases
  • Personal priorities and retirement goals

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Step 2: Informed Decision

We integrate your financial circumstances and planning objectives with your group benefits, pension and other assets to develop a plan that will protect your wealth while you progress toward your goals.

In this stage, we:

  • Design your portfolio and individual financial plan
  • Coordinate your insurance, investments, benefits and savings
  • Present your plan for your approval before implementation

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Step 3: Plan Implementation

We set your plan in motion by carrying out all related tasks for your investments, insurance and accounts. This includes:

  • Investment enrollments and transfers
  • Insurance enrollments, underwriting and delivery

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Step 4: Regular & Ad-Hoc Reporting

We provide periodic reports on performance and progress, in addition to the ad-hoc communication and updating that we conduct as needed.

Step 5: Ongoing Support

We provide ongoing support through our accessibility and communication, as well as through scheduled reviews and consultations, which include:

  • Telephone and in-person meetings
  • Annual investment review to analyze progress and update
  • Annual insurance review to adjust and renew

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