Out with the old, in with the New

Today, when costs are rising every year, while company growth and competitiveness are as important as ever, you simply can't afford to keep this outlook.

The old way of thinking:

  • Cutting costs means cutting benefits
  • Improving retention means increasing benefits
  • Employee interests are opposite corporate interests

If you sacrifice cost-saving for a better plan, you could compromise your financial stability. If you sacrifice plan quality to save on costs, you could jeopardize your company’s employee culture and retention, without even a guarantee that costs will stay down.

When you can't go left or right, move forward. When we help modern companies navigate the complexities of benefits and pension planning, we look for better ways to:

  • Align your plan with your company's needs
  • Reduce claims and control cost increases
  • Improve plan management, communication and education
  • Increase employee wellness and productivity over the long term

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Brian Brophy, President
Navigo Financial Solutions

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What makes Navigo right for your business?

Improve Efficiency with NavigoOS

Our all-in-one human capital management cloud-based software platform adds efficiency and significant cost reductions to payroll, benefits and pension administration, time and attendance, vacation allotment and full HRIS.

Maintain Cost Containment Initiatives

Benefit from cost-effective alternatives from our Competitive Analysis report, and help control long-term increases and liabilities with our integrated Employee Wellness Initiatives.

Gain Complete Visibility

Get easy-to-use reports, forms and overviews. We create Custom Communication Documents to fit your needs and preferences.