Step 1: Fact Gathering

We begin with an information-gathering process, which includes an analysis of your company's employee demographics, history, vision and objectives. We also consult external experts and use fact-finding tools to search out the right funding models and design options.

During the first step of our process, we:

  • Sign a confidentiality letter before sharing information
  • Perform a needs analysis through discussion with executives and HR
  • Consult industry experts to verify information

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Step 2: Informed Decision

From major corporations to specialty firms, we locate the right carrier for your benefits plan and use our connections and expertise to negotiate cost containment. We then present to you a proposal with multiple options and alternatives for structure, funding and other design parameters.

During this step, we:

  • Use our carrier network to give you preferred access
  • Locate specialty carriers, if necessary
  • Negotiate with tier 1, 2 or 3 insurance carriers

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Step 3: Plan Implementation

Once your plan is set we conduct a phase-in of plans and plan modifications, provide an announcement memo with application and instructions, engage in one-to-one discussion with employees, and group education sessions.

The following includes some of the other aspects of plan integration:

  • Provide our Custom Enrollment Guide
  • Complete and review policy and administration binders with client to mitigate risk
  • Set up online access for plan members
  • HR and employee education
  • Introduce Benefits-at-a-Glance for employees
  • Lay out a communication plan for the next 12 months

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Step 4: Regular & Ad-Hoc Reporting

Our clients can rely on regular reporting that includes monthly, quarterly and annual reports to keep risk and costing in check. We also engage in ad-hoc reporting according to the ongoing review and analysis of your business, in order to keep you and your employees informed, at no extra cost. This includes the following:

  • Disability Management Report for self-funded short-term disability plans
  • Health Risk Assessment on drug claims by employees
  • Quarterly claims reports
  • Proactive Plan Option Reports outlining cost-saving opportunities
  • The Benchmark Report, a single chart with information on large accounts
  • Report Cards comparing benefits and compensation to stay competitive
  • Custom reports requested by clients

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Step 5: Proactive Communication

We practice continued education so that we can stay abreast of current industry trends and make proactive suggestions that will protect your company from possible risks. We conduct regular telephone and in-person meetings in order to provide consultation and to adhere to special requests. We also send customized documents such as:

  • Updates of important changes
  • Newsletters
  • Summaries for board reviews

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Step 6: Ongoing Mediation

On an ongoing basis, it is our policy to use our privileged channels, industry contacts and conflict resolution resources to mediate all contact between employees and carriers. This includes the following tasks:

  • Compare employee lists to mitigate risk
  • Research issues and resolve conflict
  • File claim reports on behalf of executives

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Step 7: Milestones

Annually, we hold a comprehensive and structured Stewardship Review in preparation for yearly renewal. We also have designated intervals for performing analyses and we contribute to union negotiations as necessary.

  • Annual Stewardship Review
  • Competitive Analysis every 3-5 years
  • Top Claims Paid Reports
  • Union negotiations

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